The White Tank port of the Condor Connection is located atop White Tank Mtn. at 4100 ft. above sea level, 25 miles to the northwest of Phoenix, AZ.

The coverage is approximately: 30 miles east of the California Border to the Superstition Mountains. Southeast toward western Tucson. Southwest toward Gila Bend. Coverage is good along the I-10 Highway from approximately Brenda to Tucson. Northwesterly along Highway 60 past Wickenburg and north along Black Canyon Highway, (I-17). towards Flagstaff.

A single, omni directional, Scala Antenna is mounted at the top of the 80 foot tower. The effective radiated power is approximately 75 watts. A Scala link beam antenna is aimed northwest toward Guadalupe Peak, Quartzsite, Az.

The operating frequency is 224.60, (-1.6), PL is 156.7 The Callsign on the repeater is KD7TKT.

The sponsor of the repeater is The Arizona Repeater Association. The owner of the repeater is Steve Ducey, KD7TKT. The control operator is John Braden, K7LKL.

A Condor Connection Users Net is conducted each Monday evening at 7:00PM PST. This is a great time for Steve's users to express their appreciation for all the efforts of the ARA and Steve's support group to bring this repeater to the Phoenix Area.

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