The Vaca port of the Condor Connection is located atop Mt. Vaca at 2819 feet above sea level, in the Vaca Mountains of Northwest Central California.

The coverage is approximately: Redding to the North; Lake Tahoe to the East; Modesto to the South; and San Francisco to the West.

A single Sinclair Antenna is mounted at the 120 foot level of a 150 foot tower. The ERP (Effective Radiated Power is approx. 75 watts. A link antenna is aimed Southeast to Goat Mountain.

The operating frequency is 223.84 (-1.6), PL is 156.7 The callsign on the repeater is AC6VJ.

The owner of the repeater is Gregory Gordon, AC6VJ. The control operator is Bill Hillendahl. Greg & Bill monitor the repeater regularly and will be glad to assist the users find their way around the system.

A Condor Connection Users Net is conducted each Monday evening at 7:00 PM, Pacific Time. This is a great time for Greg's users to express their appreciation for all the efforts to maintain the repeater.

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