Toro Peak is located in the Santa Rosa Mountains, southeast of Palm Springs, California. At 8,716 feet, Toro Peak enjoys a commanding view of the Lower Desert. Toro Peak is linked via dedicated 420 MHz links to Frazier Mountain and Guadalupe Peak. Good mobile coverage is provided from the Banning Pass I-10, East to Desert Center and South into Mexico and Yuma, Arizona.

Snow typically covers Toro Peak five months out of the year, so it receives special care every Autumn to be sure it will survive through the winter. The winters are especially harsh on Toro Peak, so only the most heavy duty antennas survive the ice loading with winds routinely exceeding 140 MPH.

The repeater frequency is 224.180 (PL 156.7). The callsign on the repeater is WB6RHQ. The control operators are Duane Ehrlich, AD5E, and Stormy Dayton, KF6BM.

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Last updated 3/25/2012 B. Mooneyham, WB6BRU