The The Geysers port of the Condor Connection
is located atop The Geysers at 3200 feet above
sea level, and is linked directly to the Mt. Vaca
repeater. The coverage is approximately: Cloverdale to the North;
Sonoma to the East; Novato to the South; and The Russian
River Valley to the West.
A Larson 1/4 wave ground plane antenna is mounted
at the 120 foot level of a 150 foot tower.
The ERP (Effective Radiated Power) is approximately 30 watts.

The operating frequency is 223.80 (-1.6), PL is 156.7
The callsign on the repeater is AC6VJ.

The owner of the repeater is Gregory Gordon, AC6VJ.

The control operator is Bill Hillendahl, KH6GJV.

Greg and Bill monitor the repeater regularly and will be
glad to assist the users find their way around the system.

A Condor Connection Users Net is conducted each
Monday evening at 7:00 PM, Pacific Time.
This is a great time for Greg's users to express
their appreciation for all the efforts to provide and
maintain the repeater.

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