Quartzite Mountain

The Quartzite port of The Condor Connection is located at 4432 feet on Quartzite Mountain, north of Victorville, Ca. Coverage of the repeater includes: I-15 south to the crest of Cajon Pass and the San Bernardino Mountains, north to Mountain Pass. East to Lucerne Valley, west to Adelanto and Pear Blossom. North on Hwy. 395 to the intersection of Hwy 58.

A single Hustler Spirit antenna is mounted at the 40 foot level of a 40 foot tower. The ERP (Effective Radiated Power) is approximately 100 watts. A 420 MHz. link signal is transmitted and received on a commercial grade beam. The link beam is aimed at Frazier Peak. A Condor Users net is conducted at 7:00 PM PST.

The callsign on the repeater is K7GIL. The owner is Gil St.Onge, K7GIL.

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