The Condor Connection



Mt Hamilton

The Mt. Hamilton port of the Condor Connection shares it's site with the world famous Lick Observatory facilities. At an altitude of 4380 feet, the repeater enjoys a commanding view of the Southern San Francisco Bay Area.

The repeater first went into service in 1983 on 224.60 MHz. In 1985 it was linked to the Condor Connection on 220 MHz. In 1989 the link was updated to 420 MHz. A PL tone of 156.7 is required to access the repeater.

The Mt. Hamilton repeater uses a CellWave Super Station Master Antenna, providing 8 Db gain. The antenna is mounted at the fifty foot level of the tower. The transmitter output is 20 watts. ERP (Effective Radiated Power) is approximately 130 watts.

The repeater's coverage is North to Santa Rosa, East to Donner Summit on I-80, and South to King City. Coverage also includes Santa Cruz County and the Monterey Bay area.

Shane 120 Telescope The callsign on the repeater is KB6ABM. The repeater is open to all licensed Hams

The owners of the repeater are: Ed, KB6ABM and Nola, KC6KHP, Rusko. The control operator is Dave Rusko, KC6KHO.

A users net is conducted each Monday evening at 7:00 PM.

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