The Guadalupe Peak Port of the Condor Connection is located just east
of the Quartzsite, Arizona area,at 2520 feet. The link signal from Guadalupe is
transmitted simultaneously to White Tanks, NW of Phoenix and to Toro Peak, south
of Palm Desert, CA., then on to Frazier Mountain, the hub of the system. The
coverage of the repeater extends to most of the eastern desert of California
along the I-10 Highway, and most of the western desert of Arizona and the
metropolitan area of Phoenix.

Guadalupe Repeater Site

The repeater's
operating frequency is 224.88 (-1.6 Mhz) and the P.L. tone is 156.7 Hz.
A Condor Connection Users' Net is conducted each Monday evening at 7:00
PM, Pacific Time. Thanks to Stormy Dayton, KF6BM for
providing Quartzsite Repeater with local access to the Condor Connection.

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