Goat Mountain 224.90 MHz.

The San Joaquin Valley Repeater port of the Condor Connection resides on Goat Mountain, at 4500 feet, just west of Bass Lake. The operating frequency is 224.90, PL 156.7, negative shift. The site commands a spectacular view of the San Joaquin Valley and large portions of Yosemite National Park. The owners of the repeater are Bobby, WB6BRU and Maxine, KA6CYN Mooneyham. "Please enjoy the Condor Connection during your travel through the area." The control operators are, Paul Lemmon, NV6B, Trelawn Gause, KI6CDV and Spencer Boyd, KJ6ART


System coverage along Rt. 99 is from Delano in the south, to Modesto in the north. Along I-5 from Button Willow in the south to Tracy in the north. If your travels take you to Yosemite National Park, you may access The Condor Connection in the park and along Hwy. 41.

The San Joaquin Repeater is the mini hub for the Mt. Hamilton repeater, located near San Jose and the Mt. Vaca repeater, located near Vacaville, northeast of San Francisco. All three of these repeaters are then linked to Frazier Mountain near Gorman CA, through a 420 Mhz. link.

The callsign on the repeater is WB6BRU. The repeater is open to all licensed Hams.

Some additional frequencies for your use in the area: Turlock Amateur Radio Club, Mt Bullion, 224.96, W6BXN. Meadow Lakes, Shaver Lake, 223.94, W6TO.

A users net is conducted each Monday evening at 7:00 PM.

Interesting highlights: Bass Lake

Bass Lake is one of the most popular Lakes in central California. The lake was created back in 1899. It was enlarged 6 years later, and work on the present dam began in 1909. At 3500 feet in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains, the 4 mile long lake is on the North fork of Willow Creek which is a tributary of the San Joaquin River. Its' waters turn powerful electricity producing turbine engines for Pacific Gas & Electric, (PG&E) the worlds' largest non-government utility. Because of its' altitude, its not unusual for the Bass Lake area to have snow on the ground for several weeks during the winter.

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