• Link is back on line and connected to the Condor system. .Up dated October 8, 2018

Toro Peak,Off Line at this time, , CA.

  • Toro Peak is off line at this time . Up dated August 25, 2019

Lyons Peak, Off Line at this time. The coverage of the repeater extends to most of San Diego County and into parts of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. .

  • The repeater's operating frequency is 223.94 (-1.6 Mhz) and the P.L. tone is 141.3 Hz.The The Lyons Peak is not connected to the sysetem at this time.. Up dated July 30, 2017

White Tanks, link not connected serving central Arizona, w/prime coverage of the Phoenix area.

  • The repeater is on the air and Not connected to the system . Updated Jan 3, 2018

Guadalupe Peak, Not connected to the system


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